Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eventful Weekend

Finley is getting so big!
On Friday night, a bunch of us had a surprise party for Derek's 30th birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Derek! We were all enjoying taking turns holding Finley and giving Kacie & Dan a break. :)

Baby Shower with Co-Workers

Yesterday my co-workers threw me a fun baby shower at a yummy local mexican restaurant...THANKS JAN & MARY for all of your creative planning! And many thanks to all of you who were able to make it. Our little guy will look so adorable in all his new outfits & will love his baby goodies!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

36 Weeks--Oh Boy!

Oh My Goodness...I only have 4 WEEKS LEFT until my due date!!! However, it could be sooner than that or later. As long as he doesn't show up before Jeff's PE Exam, which is on the 26th in less than 2 weeks! Poor guy...he's a bit stressed with all of his studying and so much to do at work. Keep him in your prayers!
I have my last shower this Saturday with my co-workers, so that'll be fun! I sure miss teaching with them. At least I've been subbing almost every day at my school in the last couple of months. My last day subbing is next Monday, and then I'm cutting it off. I have lots that I want to get done at home and errands to run before the baby shows up! I know I won't regret my decision of taking the year off of teaching once the baby shows up. He'll definitely keep me busy! :)

Kansas City Baby Shower

Julie made me a collage!
I had my 2nd baby shower on October 7th at my mother-in-law's house. It was lots of fun with family and friends! (THANK YOU!!!) The ladies who put it on did a fabulous job! In the above picture, you can see that Julie made me a sweet collage of when Jeff and I were babies and 1 picture of our wedding day. I wonder who our little guy will look like the most!

Father & Mother-to-Be at 35 Weeks

Many thanks to all who could be there and join the fun!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

6 Weeks to Go (or more or less)!!!

Week 34
Where has the time gone? I really wonder at this point when our little guy will want to show up. Will he be early? On time? Late? As long as it's not too early, since Jeff's big PE (Professional Engineer) exam is on Oct. 26th. He's a bit stressed, but I'll know he'll do fine.
On Tues., I had my last 2 wk. appointment. Now I'll be going in once a week, which means the time is near! The appt. went well. Baby boy's head is still down and most likely will stay that way. Let's pray! The books say that he's probably almost 5 pounds by this week, and the dr. said the same. We had our hospital tour Tues. night, and the private rooms are really nice! Heck, they have 2 flat screen tvs (a bigger one in front of the bed and a smaller one in front of the fold out love seat couch) that you can order free movies & games, a jacuzzi tub, wireless internet, little desk area, glider chair, curtain if needed by the bed, etc. There are a total of 11 rooms at this newer hospital, so hopefully they won't be full by the time I go into labor! (Yes, that can happen but hopefully not with us! They would have to send me to another hospital that my dr. goes to.) All the registration paperwork was filled out also. Tonight from 7-9:15 pm we had the breastfeeding class, which went well. It was pretty good, especially since we both learned info. that we didn't know before. (And yes, there were several other dads-to-be there with their wives.) Jeff was glad he went. What a good guy! :)
This weekend is going to be a busy one! On Sat. from 9-4:30, we have our childbirth prep. class (lunch/snacks included). Then we'll have to head home to relax a bit and allow Jeff time to study...yes, on a Sat. night. On Sunday, I have my 2nd baby shower which is being held at "Grandma" Julie's house. It'll be lots of fun!! I'll try to have someone take good pictures for me to show all of you!
There you have it...I finally updated my page! Sorry I've been slacking for those of you who have reminded me. :)~ I'll have lots to write about after this weekend! Hope all is well with all of you, and write me a little message if you have the time!