Tuesday, July 24, 2007

6 out of 12 girls are pregnant!

Last Friday, 12 of our friends got together to play a dice game called Bunco. (No, it's not just for older ladies. haha.) We play once a month and have a great girl time, which is always needed! It's pretty crazy, because 6 of us are pregnant as you see in the above picture. We are in order of due dates. From left to right, Kacie was at 38 weeks, me at 23, Ali at 22, Andrea at 21, Summer at 16, and Alison at 13 weeks. Kacie is almost there!!!

After a beautiful wedding this past Sat. (CONGRATS, Mary!), we did look at cribs but couldn't make a final decision. I want to still look around at other places for deals. It's all expensive, of course. What gets us is that some of the dressers that match the cribs are poor quality. We want pieces of furniture that will actually last a long time. So the search is ongoing. We still have plenty of time. :)

Today marks the beginning of my 24th week. It sure is going by fast! I have yet to take a picture this week. I'll take some pictures when my family gets in town. Malena, Jesse, and their big dog, Obi, are coming in late tomorrow night. (Tippy will sure be excited to see Obi! They were best pals when we went to Denver over Memorial Day weekend.) Mom and dad arrive Thurs. afternoon. It'll be a nice weekend of company visiting Kansas City!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

23 Weeks

Yesterday I started week 23. My belly is definitely growing now! I am feeling my little guy kicking more often now when I'm sitting down and relaxing, even can see my belly move a little every once in a while when he kicks! Poor Jeff...when he wants to feel it, nothing happens. It's always random. :) I sure can tell a difference from today's picture compared to week 21's picture. We decided to take the picture outside this time in front of our garden that's still growing and our house in the background. We plan on looking around again this weekend for a crib and matching dresser, so that'll be fun. Hopefully we'll find something that we like and not too pricy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Mom, it's your birthday, so celebrate! Know that we wish we could be with you! Looking forward to seeing you, dad, Malena, & Jesse next week!! I LOVE YOU!

This past weekend I was in southern MN celebrating Amber's bridal shower. It was definitely a fun weekend seeing Amber, Mike, her family, and all the girls that could make it! There were 5 babies there, so we all got our baby fix! 3 of us were pregnant, all at different stages (Tiffany, Kat, and I are in the picture), so that was fun sharing our pregnancy moments with each other. We all chatted about Amber's wedding in 3 weeks, college memories, marriages, children, and just good ol' girl talk. (Sorry we didn't take the picture before you left, Jess!)
After all the girls left, I had a great time being an "adopted daughter" in Amber's family. Her dad is a HUGE fan of karaoke, so we went out to a couple bars over the weekend and sang with him. :) Thanks for everything and letting me stay with you, Becker family!

Friday, July 13, 2007

22 Weeks

Here I am at 22 weeks, which was taken on Sunday right before going to my friend Kacie's baby shower. Jeff wanted to take the picture at the same spot. :) (Jeff also took the cute picture that you see on the right side of the page of my sweet little girl, Tippy.) My parents were in town last weekend, and we had a really nice visit. They spent a little under 2 weeks in Memphis and stopped by to KC on their way there and back. Mom brought 2 bags full of baby clothes already! (Thanks, Mom!) For all of us that know my mom, she's the queen of clearance racks! She definitely found some good deals and cute clothes! On Sat., I went out to Babies R US with my mom and mother-in-law to add/change things on our baby registry and then headed out for lunch. It was a fun day out with the moms! Julie also bought the cutest little outfit for her 1st grandchild while we were shopping. On Sun. while mom and I were at Kacie's shower, Jeff and dad painted the baby room a pretty blue color. It'll look great with our new crib bedding set, which we just got in the mail this week. Now we need to figure out which crib we want! Don't worry, I'll definitely take pictures of the baby room once it's all done. So far, it's just getting started!

In a little over a week, I've been starting to feel the little boy inside of me! At first, I couldn't tell if it was actually him or not. Now I know it is! On Sun., we were all sitting down around the kitchen table talking when I told Jeff that I was feeling something twice in the same spot. He put his hand there, and a minute later felt it!! We were both pretty excited! People are still asking us if we've made a decision on a name, and I know whoever is reading this right now is wondering too...so to answer your question, we still haven't decided. We have plenty of time until this "little dude", as Jeff likes to call him, comes out into the world! :)

Well, I should end this post now. I have to finish packing for my trip this weekend! I'm heading out to southern MN for my friend Amber's bridal shower. I'm so excited to see my girls!!! I leave this afternoon and come back on Monday. You'll have to wait until I come back for my next update. Until then, adios!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pregnant at 21 Weeks!

So here I am...just took this picture today. I technically start week 21 on Tuesday. I'm definitely starting to show a bit now! Pretty crazy. :) Jeff and I tried to start registering at Babies R Us today, and all I can say is WOW--that's pretty overwhelming! We both felt pretty "dumb" in several areas of what to buy, but that's ok. I know we're not the only 1st time parents that get overwhelmed when it comes to what to buy for our 1st child. We're going to do more research & add/delete items online, get more ideas of necessities from other mommy "experts", and we'll go back another day to finish it up. We're going to register at Target someday too, so that'll be fun.

We also bought our 1st baby outfit together today. It's so cute! Jeff actually saw it first and just had to show me. We both decided that it would be a really cute outfit for our little boy to wear coming home from the hospital. So sweet to think about!

Well, it's 10:55 pm and past my bedtime. Gotta get up for summer school in the morning! But get this...I only have 4 more days of summer school, and then I'm DONE teaching (who knows for how long)! :)

Good night everyone. I'll try to write more this week!