Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Birthday Wish

So today is my 28th birthday (wow, way too close to 30!), and I have a wish for you. I think you can help me out! I know there are many readers out there, since I see that my blog has been read over 180 times. But I don't know who all is reading. I've had this blog since June of last year after my friends talked me into having one so they can see how big my belly was getting while I was pregnant and to read updates on how Jeff and I are doing. I always wonder who is reading my messages and checking out all the cute pictures of Ryker.

Here's my wish:
For all of you reading this, I would love for you to say hello in a comment so I can see who's reading! It'll only take you a couple of minutes. :) Also leave your city and state, that way not only myself but everyone else can see where all of my readers are from (even if I don't know you)!

If you don't know how to leave a comment, here are directions:
All you have to do is click on the underlined "comments" under the post, type a message that you'd like in the box, copy the letters in the next small box, click on "Name/URL" if you don't have a blog, type in your name (leave URL blank), and click "Publish Your Comment". Once you do that, it'll say on the top of the page "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval," so you won't see it right away. It sends me an email to approve the message (which I try to check at least once a day), and then it'll show up on my blog once I read/approve it! :)

THANKS FOR GRANTING MY BIRTHDAY WISH! I look forward to reading the all the comments and seeing where all of my readers are from! Enjoy your weekend!

Nona & Papa were here!

My parents came to visit for a long weekend and arrived on Ryker's 3 mo. birthday! It was fun for them to see how Ryker has changed since their last visit. We had a nice time! However, Jeff ended up getting very sick during their entire time here. We think it was the flu. Yuck! He had a major fever (at one point it hit 103.6), body ached all over (felt like he got hit by a bus), nasty congestion, sore throat, horrible cough that hurt deep down, etc. Thankfully, my parents, Ryker, and I have shown no signs of getting it. Just to be safe, we tried to disinfect all the doorknobs, handles, phones, remotes, etc. He took a couple of days off of work, but still isn't feeling back to his normal self. A lot of the guys at his work have been sick too. The flu is hitting the Kansas City area and surrounding towns pretty hard. Not fun!

Ryker is enjoying playing a game with Nona & Papa!

Whatcha starin' at, little man?

This is his 1st time sitting in the Bumbo seat! He can't keep himself upright, so now he has a seat that can help him out!

What a sweet drooling face!

Yes, your Mommy loves you very much!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!

"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, DADDY! We miss you while you're at work! Hey, I like that heart!"

"I'm going to give this to you when you get home! I can't wait!"

"Dear Lord...please let my Daddy come home safely. Amen."

"I'm being shy right now. But look, Daddy, I'm sitting in your BIG chair! By the way, sorry about the little bit of drool on your card. Oops!"

"Look at me, I'm a Little Loverboy for Valentine's Day! hehe"


~Mommy, Me, & Tippy~

Picture Happy As Always!

"I'm like a deer in headlights!"


"Yeah, I'm pretty strong. Check these out!"

"Daddy, you're so silly!" *giggle giggle*

Monday, February 11, 2008

TOPIC: Giggles

FOR ALL OF THE MOMMIES OUT THERE, please leave a response... (or even if you aren't a mommy!)

Quick question:
When did your baby 1st giggle?

I thought I'd ask, because I swear I've heard some giggles in the last couple of weeks! Am I just thinking I hear them? Or is Ryker really starting to learn how to giggle? He's going to be 3 months old on the 15th, and I thought babies don't giggle until about 4 months or later. Maybe I have a fast learner! Or again, am I an excited mommy just hearing things? :)

Proud Parents!

Quite the sleepy boy after a LONG EPISODE of crying! We finally got him to fall asleep during Grandma's birthday celebration yesterday. Thank goodness!

He woke up from his nap!

Looks like he's still tired...big yawn!

Such a happy baby now!

The smiles keep coming!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Great-Grandma D.!

Ryker loves spending time with his Great-Grandparents!

HAPPY 79th BIRTHDAY, Grandma D.! We hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration yesterday, even though Ryker was a bit overtired and fussy. Good thing we took this picture before all of his crying episodes, and at least he got a nice long nap. We love you both!

Picture update!

"I like to suck on my fingers!"

Looking so cute in Sarah's hat that she made Ryker! He definitely stays warm & cozy in the carseat cover that Carrie's mom made! Thanks, ladies!

Gotta love baby smiles!!!

Practicing how to stand on two feet...what a strong little boy!

Time for bed, little one! Ryker says, "Will they ever stop taking pictures of me?" Mommy says, "Sorry sweetie, no we can't stop. We love to capture your cuteness!" :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Joy of Explosive Diapers!

Yes, Ryker has had numerous poopy diapers...that's the life of a newborn baby. However, today's diaper pretty much went to the top of the charts for the most explosive! He's taking a nap right now, so I decided to sit down and tell you all about it. Aren't you excited to read about baby poop?! I thought so! ;)

Here's how the day has gone so far: This morning I gave Ryker a bath around 10:30 am. He loved hangin' out in the warm water and getting all clean! I put him in a cute new 3-6 mo. outfit that he hasn't worn yet. This rainy afternoon we headed out to grab a quick bite to eat, go vote, stop by our church for baptism info., and then buy a few groceries. He slept for a while and then woke up to smile at me and the strangers he saw. Once we got home, the obvious smell was coming from his carseat. I quickly let Tippy outside, put the cold groceries in the fridge, and brought Ryker to his changing station. My reaction: OH BOY! Oh yes, there was poop coming through one side of his pants. As I took his pants off, it got on his socks. As I took his socks off, it got all over his bare legs. As I took his onsie off, it got all over his back. As I was trying to clean him up with MANY wet wipes, his moving hands were getting a bit too close to the lower parts of his body. (I'm saying, "Please don't put those fists in your mouth right now even though I know you'd love to!") THE JOY OF EXPLOSIVE DIAPERS! The funny part about all of this is that Ryker kept smiling at me during that whole poopy time! So of course, I had to smile right along with him as I got crap all over my hands.

Off we went to take a SECOND BATH. Once again, he enjoyed getting in the warm water and being clean. After I put his clothes on, I layed him down on his play gym mat, and off I went to wash all the poopy clothes. After that got done, what did I see at my deck door? Oh yes, a super wet and muddy dog. (Remember, it was raining outside!) Just great! Off I went with a dirty puppy held in my outstretched hands away from my clothes and into the tub. Let's see, that's a THIRD BATH for the day! Thankfully, Ryker was still content at that time hangin' out on his play gym while I had to bathe Tippy.

So there you have it. At this moment, Ryker is sitting on the couch with me (awake from his nap), and Tippy is laying on the floor by my feet tired from getting a bath. Both are clean! WAIT A I smell something coming from Ryker?? Oh yes, off we go to change another poopy diaper! Hopefully there will be no need for a 4th bath! :)