Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Model

Ryker is always so cute after I give him a bath, so I just HAD to take some pictures while the sunshine was pouring in the room!

Here's my baby model! His arms even look ripped! (This was right before he peed all over the towel. haha)

Learning New Things!

Playing on Grandma's lap

As of last week, Ryker LOVES playing with chip bags! He seems to be amazed with the noise it makes, the shiny color, and the light weight. In this picture, he actually got his arm in the bag!
Also as of last week, Ryker can now grab his feet! It's so funny how we get excited over little moments like these. Our baby boy is learning new things! (Hmmm...maybe Annie taught it to him. See the post below.)
What can I say? We're in love!

Needed a Change

My hair was feeling a bit "blah", so I needed a change. Carrie, Liz, and Kat talked me into chopping my hair off. Maybe closer to summer I'll get some highlights.

MN Girls' Weekend!

It's about time that I update my blog! Sorry I haven't written anything since my birthday. THANK YOU for all of you who granted my birthday wish! For those of you who haven't, it's not too late. :)

Two weekends ago, some close friends of mine flew down from MN to come visit and see Ryker for the 1st time. Carrie and Liz flew down together, and Kat flew later that Friday with her little girl, Annie, who is an adorable little 7 mo. old. We had such a great time! I definitely needed a weekend with my college girls. :) The weather was a heat wave for them while they were here; it got up to 75 degrees! We enjoyed the outdoors, nice chats, baby playtime, yummy dinners, and fun laughter.

THANKS for a fabulous weekend, girls!

Kat, Annie, Liz, Carrie, and me holding my growing boy!

We had a cookout at Kacie & Dan's house and Derek & Andrea joined us too. So here are the babies: Finley, Annie, Ryker, & Charlee. So cute!

Awww...young love. Ryker goes for the older girls. :)

Mommies & Babies...oh my!

(Yes, that is Will Ferrell in his underwear on TV. Good ol' Old School movie! HAHA)

Ryker's New Girlfriend!

During one of the 1st moments that Ryker & Annie were playing together, the cutest thing happened! I had Ryker in his Bumbo seat since he can't sit up by himself. Kat put Annie right next to him, and she loved to check him out. She seems to love feet (especially her own when she puts them in her mouth). She grabbed Ryker's foot, pulled off his sock, and shoved the sock in her mouth. Liz & I saw it and just cracked up! Ryker didn't seem to mind. haha. It was such a funny baby moment! Wish we caught it on video!

During the girls' stay, Kat & I wanted to get some semi-naked baby pictures while they were here. Here are a couple of them (out of the 50 that we took!). Ryker loves his new girlfriend! :)

Gotta love baby smiles!

Annie seems to have a secret to tell Ryker, or maybe she just wants to explain to him how to grab his feet! She seems to be a pro at it. :)